• Stove & Oven Repair Collinsville, Illinois

    Considering that eating is an essential part of our daily lives, we understand the importance of fully functioning kitchen appliances, like your stove and oven. Absolutely nothing worse than getting ready to put your lasagna in the oven and realizing your gas will not ignite…and the garlic bread, just think of the garlic bread! Home cooked meals have become an extremely popular trend, but that only happens if everything works properly. After all, microwaveable burritos only go so far. If you are suffering with any stove or oven problems, call World Famous Appliance for your stove and oven repair. We will make sure you have home cooked meals on the dinner table in no time!

  • Common Problems with Stoves

    • Burners not turning on
    • Improper heat, regardless of the setting
    • Heating elements damaged
    • Electrical wiring shorts
    • Gas spark igniters malfunctioning
    • Broken switches and dials
    • Display panel not working

  • Common Problems with Ovens

    • Will not power on
    • Temperature fluctuations
    • Uneven cooking
    • Indicator lights not working
    • Broiler is not working
    • Gas will not ignite

  • Working with gas or high-voltage appliances without proper licensing and training is dangerous. We recommend calling the experts to ensure proper safety requirements are met. At World Famous Appliance, we can repair or replace your thermostats, heating elements, burners, igniters, valves, temperature sensors, and more!

  • Vent Hoods

    The best way to keep smoke and other odors out of the kitchen while you cook is through properly functioning vents and range hoods. Do not let your beautifully crafted meal be overshadowed by the amount of smoke coming from the kitchen. We all hate the question “is something burning?”. That is why we recommend if you are having problems with your vents and range hoods, call us and we will come and repair it.

    Some problems we have seen include:
    • Motor turns too slowly
    • Damaged switches
    • Air not properly venting outside
    • Lingering smoke odor
    • Damaged fan
    • Burned out light
    • Loud and unfamiliar noises

  • Any of these problems can be repaired by World Famous Appliance and additionally, we can replace the damaged parts including your: motors, lights, filters, sockets, switches, and control boards. Call us today and let us get started on fixing your kitchen appliances!

  • Refrigerator Repair

    Your refrigerator is probably the most important kitchen appliance you have. Yes, if your oven or stove malfunction it can be inconvenient, but if your refrigerator goes out – you need to act quickly! Refrigerated food spoils quickly if not properly cooled, which can result in hundreds of dollars lost in groceries. If this happens, give us a call for your refrigerator repair in Collinsville, IL. Most problems contain quick and timely solutions. We service all makes and models.

    Some common issues are:

  • Common Refrigerator Problems

    • Not cooling to set temperature
    • Water or ice dispense malfunctioning
    • Leaking water
    • Too cold and freezing your food
    • Lights not working
    • Runs constantly
    • Weird noises

  • Common Ice Maker Problems

    • Water inlet valve is broken
    • Improper freezer temperature
    • Low water pressure
    • Clogged water filter
    • Leaking valves
    • Minimal ice cube production
    • Ice sensor defected

  • If any of these problems are occurring, we recommend giving us a call. We can repair and replace your thermostats, door seals, light bulbs, temperature controls, compressors & condensers, and more!

  • Freezer Repair

    Freezing your food is a great way to safely store it and it is convenient. It allows for meal prep, storing your harvest from the garden, or going crazy during bulk sales and promotions. However, things break and your freezer is not an exception. Like your fridge, if issues arise with your freezer it is important to act immediately. If not, hundreds of dollars of groceries could potentially be ruined. At World Famous Appliance we offer emergency service and can have your unit running at full function before that happens! We service all makes and models and carry replacement parts.

    Some common freezer problems:
    • Your freezer will not power on
    • Freezer is over-cooling food
    • Freezer is under-cooling food
    • Inconsistent temperatures
    • Door seals are defective
    • Unusual noises when operating

  • If any of these problems arise, we urge you to call the experts and have us take a look. We can replace your freezer’s compressors, defrosters, door switches, motors, relays, thermostats, and more!

  • Washer Repair

    Doing laundry is always frowned upon until your washer breaks down and all you want to do is laundry. Believe us, we see the irony. However, if your washing machine breaks you could go to your local laundry mat, wear dirty clothes (no judgment zone) or get it fixed. We recommend the repair option.

    A few common problems with washing machines:
    • Does not power on
    • Stuck in a certain cycle
    • Extreme vibration
    • Broken dials
    • Spin cycle malfunctions
    • Washer is leaking
    • Clogged drain or filter
    • Overheated motor

  • If these problems occur for your washing machine, call us today for your repair solutions. We can replace your belts, hoses, transmission parts, pumps, timers, drive spindles, and more!

  • Dryer Repair

    In all honesty, we all throw our clean clothes in the dryer during the harsh winter for an extra level of heated comfort. This plan tends to fail when your dryer is not operating effectively. While standing out in the sun in wet clothes can lead to a nice suntan, it is not exactly ideal. A malfunctioning dryer contributes to an increase in your energy bill and even possible hazardous conditions.

    Some common problems we see:
    • Dryer will not run
    • Dryer is producing minimal or no heat
    • Your drum is not spinning
    • Overheating

  • If any of these problems occur, we recommend calling our experts right away. Dryer and dryer vent repairs need to be treated seriously and with caution. The National Fire Protection Agency reported over 16,000 structural fires due to dryer vent fires.

    Leave your dryer repair to the professionals! Give us a call today for possible same day service and let us get those wet clothes dry the 21st century way!